British-Born, San Francisco-Based Photographer, specializing in on-location shoots, geared towards people, places, and the culinary arts.

Wez grew up in London, moving to the States in the middle of high school, where he further lived in Atlanta and Phoenix. During high school he developed a keen eye for portraits where he was a Photographer for the yearbook at two different schools in two very different States: Arizona, then Georgia. Whilst enrolled at university, he’d acquired a Nikon N65 film camera, which he used to photograph events and nightlife in Midtown, Atlanta. He was also a staff videographer and editor for a media production agency, working with clients throughout Greater Atlanta.

Making the transition to digital, Wez furthered his photography career, photographing people, places and events back in Europe, the Middle East, and California. Wez formalized his skills by pursuing a degree in Professional Photography at the City College of San Francisco. During his time as a student at CCSF, he added the titles of Editorial Photographer, Photojournalist and Magazine Photo Editor to his résumé.

To date, Wez has traveled to and photographed in 50 countries, with new destinations on the horizon soon!